For blind and visually impaired persons

rampa na prilazu zgradiThe Library provides a specially equipped reading room to users with disabilities (motor and sight impairment) in the ground floor with suitable furniture and toilet facilities. An easy access is enabled by wheelchair ramp. The visually impaired persons can read using electronic magnifiers and the blind with help of computer screen readers.

rampa na prilazu zgradiOur librarians help the users to browse collections, order materials and teach them how to use visual aids. The printed library materials have been converted at the request of the blind and visually impaired users into electronically readable formats. All information on issues important to users with disabilities including information on support services of local and national authorities have also been provided.

rampa na prilazu zgradiSince 2013 the Library participates in the project "TALKING BOOKS – improving accessibility of public library services for blind and visually impaired persons" co-funded by the EU Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) within the Cross-border Programme Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013. The general aim of this project is to improve the life quality and social cohesion of the blind and visually impaired persons in the Zadar County and the region of Banja Luka by enabling them access to education. Thanks to this project a recording studio for talking books will be installed within the library building and a special vehicle has already been purchased for delivery of talking books directly to users as well as for transportation of disabled persons to the Library.

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Croatian Library for the Blind

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