1. Membership

Annual fee  
External loans 100,00 HRK
Pensioners – external loans 80,00 HRK
Unemployed persons – external loans 80,00 HRK
Reading room card 50,00 HRK
Group membership fee 80,00 HRK (for 5 users)
  70,00 HRK (6 to 10 users)
  60,00 HRK (11 or more users)
Monthly fee for Reading room 30,00 HRK
Weekly fee for Reading room 20,00 HRK
Issue of duplicate card 5,00 HRK

2. Loans of books

Overdue charge (per book per day) 0,50 HRK
Reservation (per book) 5,00 HRK
Cost of overdue slips
First 10,00 HRK
Second and further 15,00 HRK
Lost book Purchase the same edition or paying the market value

3. Interlibrary loans

3.1 Interlibrary loans from the Library holdings

  • Items are loaned to other libraries in Croatia free of charge, but postage must be paid. The period of loan is 30 days. We charge material cost only for ordered photocopies, photographs, microfilms and scanning.
  • Lending books abroad is charged 1 IFLA voucher per book + postage. Supply of photocopies up to 20 pages abroad is charged 1 IFLA voucher, and above 20 pages 1 IFLA voucher + postage.

3.2 Interlibrary loans from abroad

  Books Articles
Great Britain 250,00 HRK 100,00 HRK*
Germany and Austria (Subito) 200,00 HRK 50,00-100,00 HRK**
other European countries 160,00 HRK as per invoice

*for up to 20 pages (each additional page 1,00 HRK)
**1-20 pages 50,00 HRK (each additional page 1,00 HRK)

4. Electronic media

Printing is available only in black and white.

4.1 Single side printing A4 0,50 HRK
4.2 Single side printing A3 1,00 HRK
4.3 Duplex printing A4 1,00 HRK
4.4 Duplex printing A3 2,00 HRK
4.5 Floppy disc 2,50 HRK
4.6 CD ROM-R 5,00 HRK

5. Reprographic services

5.1 Photocopies  
A4 0,50 HRK
A4 both sides 1,00 HRK
A3 1,00 HRK
A3 both sides 2,00 HRK
5.2 Scanning
A4 10,00 HRK
A3 20,00 HRK
A2 40,00 HRK
5.3 Microfilm and microfiche scanning 2,00 HRK
5.4 Digital photography 10,00 HRK
5.5 Digital photographing and scanning of special collection items (per photography or scan)
A4 20,00 HRK
A3 30,00 HRK
A2 50,00 HRK
5.6 Photographing and scanning of items per hour for commercial purposes (with previous notification and director's approval) 300,00 HRK

6. Bookbinding and repair

6.1 Paperback up to 50 pages 30,00 HRK
every next 20 pages 5,00 HRK
6.2 Book repair and binding (depending on book condition) 35,00-150,00 HRK

7. Renting of premises

Conditions of use and hire of the Exhibition hall are stated in a separate price list.

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