Admission & Borrowing

Only the members of the Library have access to its materials and services. The materials may be used in the Reading Room or, a limited number of books may be borrowed. A potential member of the Reading Room needs to present an identity card. Beside the identity card, an additional document is required in order to borrow books - an employment or pension certificate, student index or certificate of the regular registration by the Employment Agency for the unemployed. The foreign citizens use the materials and services in the Reading Room after an insight into their identity card or passport.

Membership card can be issued for a year, a month, or a week.

The user fills in the form personally in the Library or via the Internet. The ordered items can be collected after 30 minutes.

Online form for loans

External loans

Users may borrow 4 titles (6 vols.) for a period of 30 days, which can be extended for additional 30 days. Prolongation can be done in person, by phone 214 892 or e-mail
If the borrowed items are kept longer, the overdue fee is charged according to the Price list.

Reading room

Users can borrow up to 5 book titles (6 vols.), 5 volumes of magazines or journals, and 5 volumes of newspapers.
On request, the Director can permit more titles for users preparing their Ph. D. or M.A. theses or working on a project.

The following materials are used in the Reading room only:

  • books printed before 1900 and specially treated and protected items
  • incunables, manuscripts, rare books, and parchments
  • serials
  • maps and atlases
  • music scores
  • photographs
  • notices, posters, picture postcards
  • doctor and master’s theses
  • CDs, DVDs, floppy discs
  • reference books (encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries)
  • bibliophile editions
  • the Čuka collection
  • predominantly illustrated monographs

Interlibrary loans & document supply

This service is intended for users desiring books or photocopies from other libraries in the country or abroad. Period of loan from other libraries is two to four weeks, and the period of loan from the Research Library is four weeks. Borrowed books can be read only in the Reading room.

Items can be ordered in person, by fax or e-mail.


Znanstvena knjižnica Zadar
Međuknjižnična posudba

Hours: 7.00 A.M. – 9.00 P.M.

Address: Ante Kuzmanića 3, 23000 Zadar

Phone: 214 892

Fax: 312 129



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